ENT-UK publishes key information on a range of common ENT surgical procedures. 

I strongly recommend that you read the relevant ones prior to your operation. You can download a copy as a reminder from 

Patient leaflets include


Septal surgery

Parotid surgery

Submandibular surgery

Neck dissection


Endoscopic sinus surgery


Lumps in the neck

Please note that these give general advise and not all procedures are covered.

Other sources of information include NHS choices

Facilities at the Wellington Hospital

Consultations can be arranged at the Platinum medical centre. 

There is a full range of diagnostic testing available. 

Prof O'Flynn carries out surgery in the South wing of the Wellington Hospital.

Most patients are admitted to hospital on the morning of surgery. 

You will be advised how long to fast for before the operation. This is important for your safety.

The Wellington is a comprehensive hospital with ITU, cardiac, neurosurgery and acute admissions. There are resident medical officers and a full complement of nursing, physiotherapists, dieticians and speech and language therapists.